Quartersawn Eastern White Oak Sideboard

Dimensions: 108″l X 21″d X 38″h

The design of this sideboard was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) circa 1900.

My research revealed few examples of large, freestanding cabinetry. This sideboard was commissioned to compliment a FLW dining set designed in the style of his Dana house furniture. The appointments for this sideboard were derived from design details he used in homes of that era. My intention was to create what a piece like this might have looked like. It is exciting to have the opportunity to build such a challenging piece. The design involved a large amount of complex joinery, long freespan length, as well as wide, narrow framed doors with fully concealed hinges, and subtle details such as inlaid thread escutcheons for the door locks. These many challenges make for interesting and inspiring times in this work.

The fine-grained oak in this piece is a rare quality wood from a tree 600+ years in age. It was marvelous to work with and a beauty to behold. The hope is to have respectfully given it another life in this piece.