Domestic Black Cherry SideBoard

Dimensions: 100″l X 24″d X 39″h

This is my most recent work. The commission was for a group of pieces for a home in Sedona, Arizona. The design request was to express influences of the Southwest and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) from the Arts & Crafts period, circa 1900.

I am quite drawn to the use of open areas adjacent to the legs for visual interest as well as the many surface planes framed with lines. They all provide substantial surface relief to the piece. I have been looking for the opportunity to further develop what I refer to as rectilinear “carvings”.

A motif of pierced (cutout) squares is used throughout the client’s house. This motif played into the design of the sideboard as well as the companion entry table shown in this portfolio.

I used recessed areas, beveled by hand, to compliment the cutouts and modified the squares to rectangles to fit the proportions of the piece.