Domestic Black Cherry Dining Table

Dimensions: 84″l X 42″d X 30h

The only design parameters for this table, besides the wood species, were that it be “light and contemporary” in appearance and that it provide generous leg access as the seating on two sides is a built-in, L-shaped bench. The construction of the base is accomplished with bent laminations. This is a process of resawing a piece of wood into thin strips while maintaining their “order”, then steaming and bending them onto a form, which produces extremely strong, bent pieces.

The pair of “legs” that twist out at a 45 degree angle, as well as bend, were complicated pieces that stretch the limit of what can be done with cherry and simple steam bending.

The top is a bookmatched, two-piece top. It is near the maximum width one can expect to find in cherry; somewhat rare. The dark area in the center of the top is stone. It is slightly proud of the wood top and shows a long, low bevel at its edge. It serves as a place for hot dishes to rest.