Black Walnut / Black Oak Dining Table

Dimensions: 120″l X 48″d X 30″h

The intention of this commission was to create a table rustic in style but with the same level of quality in construction as my refined work. The client requested it have an appearance as if it were made at their ranch in the mountains of Northern California.

We cut the legs from dead oak trees on their property. The large, 24 inch wide bookmatched walnut planks for the top and the weathered oak for the base were acquired from a local sawyer.

The highly figured walnut top was hand planed to a semi-smooth finish only, nothing polished. This was an extremely challenging piece. There are no flat or square surfaces in the base from which one typically references joinery.

I also made a four foot square breakfast table in a complimentary design that may be pulled up to this table for an additional two seatings. Together, the total length of the two tables is 14 feet.