“I would like to think that what I am producing now is the maturation of many years
immersed in something I dearly love and that the pieces speak more than I can say.”

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The range of my work is quite diverse. As a furnituremaker I build tables, chairs, beds, desks, dining sets, dressers, secretaries, stands, chests, armoires, any furniture-grade cabinetry, and many pieces not listed here. Additionally, I create many pieces only imagined and those not yet imagined.

In addition to my advanced woodworking skills, my strength is in working with my clients to develop what they seek. I believe this is an art in itself and a satisfying process for both the client and myself.

As one of a generation of designer/craftsmen and women, the designs are created with a vision. The change from vision to the drawing board to building a piece, is all in a day’s work. It is an important part of the process on the path to a sensitive, well-balanced piece.

Typically, I will work with my client over a period of a few months to develop designs and set the final cost for the piece(s). Of course, this design phase sets the stage for the piece(s) to be built.

“My commitment is to the development of my client’s needs and desires.
I have refined my system over the years so that I may both work with
and communicate with my clients in the most effective way possible.”