About Todd Brotherton

I am a designer/craftsman. As a commission shop, I create unique, handcrafted pieces in solid wood developed in close partnership with individual clients. Having worked in this manner for decades the experience has given me the diverse knowledge and skill needed to meet the challenges in each new piece.

I have been immersed in fine woodwork for 38 years and building fine furniture for more than 30 years. With the need to describe myself, I say with all possible modesty and humility, I am highly skilled in the use of hand tools and traditional skills required for all types of joinery, construction, inlay, carving and millwork.

I have a fully equipped shop, but my hands are at the heart of my work. My choices will always be based around how to make each piece the best it can be, both for the piece and for the client.

I strive for excellence in technical execution and a simple elegance born through refinement. Sensitive design, excellence in craftsmanship, and the finest materials can only unite through dedication to the words of my goal – uncompromised quality.

The rural setting in Mount Shasta, California has been the home for the development of my craft over the past thirty years. I successfully work “long distance” on virtually all of my commissions. I do so with full confidence. I have pieces all over the West and as far East as New York.

“The heart of my work is in the uniqueness and excellence
that can be achieved with hand tools and hand skills.”